i dont even have guilty pleasures anymore i just like stuff and if people have a problem with that they can go fuck themselves

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replicarters replied to your post “i feel like whatever touhou is will always remain a mystery to me and…”

i can explain if u want~


it is a game. it’s 13 games in the main series as of now. 5 were on the pc98 and the rest have been for windows. most of them have been straight bullet hell games, some not. they’re made by team shanghai alice but in fact this team is just made up of one guy: ZUN. there are a couple of more spinoff games and fighting ones. there are lots of doujins, fan games, fan remixes, fan anything. there’s practically an entire fan canon at this point. there is no official anime because ZUN doesn’t want to give up control of anything, he just wants to code some games.

anyway yeah it’s just games about little girls shooting each other up with magic bullets. they’re fun but way too hard if you don’t specialize in bullet hells. and the music is way cool in all of them.

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preferable to janeway/chakotay

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theres so many jokes i can make about this but i dont know what to pick

this is honest to goodness my 16th birthday cake. that’s my old living room. there are pictures of me eating that cake.

what’s up.


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this is important and more people need to understand this

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sailor moon another story or please don’t get bogged down by a nice game’s dumb difficulty spikes

I saw some posts recently where people were having a lot of trouble with various parts of Sailor Moon: Another Story. I’ve played this game once a year-ish for about 12 years now (yikes), so I thought hey, let me share some tidbits that will hopefully make life with this game easier and more fun. It’s a great Sailor Moon story, so if you’re a fan you really don’t want to miss out on playing it all the way through. 8)

(screenshots snatched from fantasyanime which is not only a great resource for the game, but where I got it as a wee child many years ago~)

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i always play as Bowser while we play Mario Kart, right?

so my dad is a ridiculously sore loser. and he was losing pretty bad when we decided to stop playing for the night

he slid this through the crack in my door a few minutes ago


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