メガハウス GEM 天上ウテナ

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I’m not like other girls!XD


I only have guy friends. I mean all girls do is start drama.image

Oh my god, i hate sluts! image

Other girls my age like to drink and party but i like to stay inside and read or watch netflix! I’m so weird. image

All the girls in my school care about is makeup and shopping and all i care about is FOOD and VIDEO GAMES. lol sometimes i think i was born a guy.image

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Jack: “Look, I know I should know this by now. I swear it’ll be the last time I ask.” | 2x16 A Matter of Time

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CDジャケットサイズアート50×2=100 展 Vol.6 “La coquette”/ LOVECALL

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fake girl gamer

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"So, combined, you have now contributed a grand total of 15 dollars and 20 cents to this marriage." - Amanda Tapping in Random Acts of Romance, 2012

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this is from a real diary by a 13-year-old girl in 1870. teenage girls are awesome and they’ve always been that way.

I was literally just thinking of this post this morning.

i can’t believe this is still going around i can’t believe it’s not reblogged with THIS IS DEAR AMERICA in blinking rainbow comic sans

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